Sell Your Home Quickly With These 14 Easy DIY Projects You Can Do This Weekend

A man holding a light and finishing the paint job on his home's walls.

When you sell your home, don’t settle for less. Homeowners should never underestimate the payoff of a trip to the hardware store and a weekend of work. 

You can lose money in your investment and prolong your move without performing due diligence. To remedy this and increase the value of your home, we’ve compiled 14 surefire solutions for the following:

  • Buyer’s remorse
  • Inspection follies
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Expensive renovations

Stay tuned, and strap yourself in for these 14 DIY projects that you can conquer this weekend.

1. Power Wash the House and Driveway

Renting an electric pressure washer from Home Depot costs roughly $40 per day—plenty of time to beautify your home’s exterior and driveway. Rain, snow, and ugly weather, in general, can generate serious grime on the outside of your home. Power washing gunk, oil, mildew, or mineral deposits can instantly improve your curb appeal.

2. Repaint Your Walls or Front Door

Slapping a fresh coat of paint on an ancient wall is a safe way to increase the value of your home and sell it quickly. Additionally, note the front door’s condition. It’s the centerpiece of your curb appeal, and if the colors are faded or chipped, it’s an affordable fix known to supercharge your look. Use neutral colors for the interior walls to give your buyers a clean slate. 

3. Enrich Your Landscaping

Boost your curb appeal by removing weeds, planting flowers, and building strategic rock beds in sparse areas. Use different heights, color schemes, and plant variations to give your prospective buyers (and neighbors) a reason to talk. 

4. Trim Your Trees and Bushes

While heavily correlated with landscaping efforts, trimming your trees and bushes could take an entire weekend by itself! Pruning your trees keeps them looking attractive and healthy.

Your plants can benefit from removing dying branches and exposing the tree’s lower half to more light. The result will maximize your total yard space and instill confidence in the buyer. 

5. Change Out Broken Screens and Old Blinds

Switching out a busted window screen or a set of blinds from the 1980s is a cost-effective solution for homeowners looking to sell in a hurry. Measure the window or take your old blinds and screens into your local hardware store to get a replacement. 

6. Get New Outlet and Wall Switch Covers

Styling the entire home with matching outlet and wall switch covers is a nice touch. Wall covers frequently crack, encounter paint, and wear out. Replacement covers are often cheap and easy to install. 

7. Update Your Lighting

The look and feel of your lighting should match the space. Outdated light bulbs can omit harsh shades of white and dull yellows. Energy efficiency is also a great selling point. According to the Department of Energy, “The average household dedicates about 5% of its energy budget to lighting. Switching to energy-efficient lighting is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills.” Make the switch to energy-efficient lights to sell your home quickly. 

8. Utilize Your Basement Space

Nothing stops a buyer in their tracks faster than walking into the basement that looks like a scene from a horror movie. Why wouldn’t you utilize that space? All of that square footage has the potential to make huge returns on your investment. With some basic enhancements and a clear purpose, you can tackle your basement in a weekend. However, some basements might take a few weekends—depending on the amount of work.

9. Declutter Room by Room

Prospective buyers need to envision themselves living inside of a house before they’re inclined to make an offer. The easiest way to accomplish this is to declutter your home before the showing. Think of your space as a beautiful masterpiece and the buyer as an artist. Where will they paint if the canvas is full?

10. Deep Clean or Remove Carpet

Carpets tend to lock in smells and stains, unlike hardwood floors. Most homeowners prefer hardwood over carpet in high traffic areas such as the kitchen and living room. Reflooring the living room isn’t a bad investment to make, especially when you’re trying to sell your home quickly.

However, labor can take weeks. If you’re short on time, especially if you own pets, consider renting a carpet cleaner or hiring a professional. A quick shampoo job takes a few hours and can make your carpet smell and look fantastic. 

11. Buy New Cabinet Hardware

Outfitting your kitchen and bathroom cabinets with new hardware is an easy way to add style points while keeping your home improvements affordable. With a few bucks and a screwdriver, you can refresh outdated handles and knobs to match your desired look.

12. Maximize Your Garage Storage

A messy and cluttered garage is often a deterrent for buyers. By sprucing up floors, buying or building additional storage shelves, and installing overhead compartments, a once-tiny garage can become much bigger. Take the weekend to organize items into discard, donate, and keep piles and use mobile storage solutions. This way, you can keep your garage clean and spacious for future buyers.

13. Update Your Technology

Small updates to the technology in your home can have a significant effect on potential buyers. If you want to sell your home quickly, look into replacing the rusty thermostat in the entryway with a Nest Learning Thermostat that you can adjust from your smartphone. Explore advanced lighting solutions, such as bulbs with dimming and color-changing features.

Imagine a buyer walking up to a home with a real estate agent who uses the Alexa-enabled deadbolt on the front door with a built-in alarm system. All of these technologies can add value and set your home apart from others in the neighborhood. 

14. Sit Down With a Real Estate Agent and Discuss Options

Discussing the local housing market, setting expectations, and giving advice is what real estate agents do. Finding the right agent can save you time and money. Reach out to an agent to discuss what it takes to sell your home and what projects you can do to increase value.

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