About Us

AgentStory’s inception traces back to a personal challenge faced by one of its cofounders, who had to relocate his family due to his son being bullied at school. This situation necessitated the sale of the family home, and during his search for a competent real estate agent, he encountered a significant gap in the market: a stark absence of accessible transaction data and performance metrics for real estate agents.

Recognizing that buying or selling a home is a monumental life event, the cofounder took it upon himself to delve into the real estate industry. His firsthand experience as a real estate agent solidified his belief that agents vary greatly in their skills and effectiveness. Motivated by this insight and bolstered by investment from a fellow cofounder, AgentStory was born. The platform aims to rectify this industry oversight by offering comprehensive transaction histories of real estate agents, thus empowering buyers and sellers to make educated choices based on an agent’s proven track record. Distinguishing itself from mere matching services, which may have underlying motives, AgentStory commits to transparency, providing all data for free to ensure users can make informed business decisions without bias.