What Are AgentStory’s Top 5 Features?

agentstory top features

In the Information Age, homebuyers and sellers alike start their homebuying and selling process online. In fact, a Zillow survey reported that buyers who started the homebuying journey online were more likely to use a real estate agent, and Millennials were more likely than any other generation to read online reviews as they searched for trustworthy agents who would be responsive to their needs. 

AgentStory is filling that gap with features and benefits to connect buyers and sellers with an experienced real estate agent who will guide them through their real estate journey. 

1. View an Agent’s Stats

For buyers: At a glance, you’ll be able to see whether an agent is a dedicated buyer’s agent, or if they almost solely work for sellers. An agent that has a proven track record of closed deals over the last year will be able to confidently negotiate on your behalf.

For sellers: On an agent’s profile, you’ll see the number of seller transactions that they’ve had, and how long it took them to close those deals. If you’re in a hurry to sell, you’ll be able to find an agent who has the skill to move your home quickly.

For agents: Every time an agent closes a house, they share it on their social media channel, but AgentStory provides third-party stats that collates all of an agent’s recent successes together. Agents are able to share their AgentStory profiles with their social media networks to highlight their personal achievements, and buyers and sellers who recommend an agent can quickly share the AgentStory badge with all of the agent’s information in one convenient place. 

2. Connect with Neighborhood Experts

For buyers: Moving into a new city or state is nerve-wracking. If you live next to the highway, will you have a shorter commute? Or will you have to deal with constant noise? If you’re unfamiliar with the area that you’re moving to, you can get introduced to a neighborhood expert who will be able to give you advice about the commute, the low-down on future city growth, and help you find the best ice cream shops in the area.

For sellers: Buyers who want to purchase a home in your neighborhood may be looking for very specific amenities. A real estate agent who specializes in your neighborhood will know exactly what buyers want, and they’ll know whether you need to remodel your kitchen or if buyers prefer an as-is property.

For agents: When you’ve got your finger on the pulse of a neighborhood, you know exactly what kind of marketing will bring in buyers, and what kind of home will trigger a bidding frenzy. You can sell homes faster and at a better price point when you become a neighborhood expert. And if a buyer or seller wants to know if you’re familiar with their area, you can send them the AgentStory map that pinpoints your Area of Influence.

3. Contact a Local Real Estate Agent

For buyers: Search for a local agent armed with a name, a brokerage, a city, or just a neighborhood in mind. AgentStory helps you narrow down your agent search based on a variety of criteria that matter most to you.

For sellers: Friends might recommend an agent, but how good are they really? Check out how active a real estate agent is before you contact them. See their stats, and then reach out via email, phone call, or text. 

For agents: Sellers and buyers can find you on the AgentStory website and contact you directly for advice on your housing marketing.

4. Check Out an Agent’s Niche

For buyers: Use AgentStory’s algorithm to find a real estate agent who specializes in the kind of property you want to purchase. Not every agent knows or understands the nuances of purchasing a hobby farm, a home with a pool, and mixed-use property. Search through AgentStory’s website for one who does.

For sellers: If you have a unique property to sell, then you know that getting it in front of the right buyer is essential. Search for agents who are experts in your neighborhood or property type.

For agents: Highlight yourself as the expert on your favorite kind of property to close transactions on. Enhance your real estate brand by finding your niche, such as positioning yourself as the area expert on condominium properties. Whatever properties you love working with, AgentStory stats can help you tell that story.

5. MatchIndex™

For buyers: Increase the likelihood that your real estate agent will be a good fit for you by narrowing down your search based on your non-negotiable criteria. Then spend some time getting to know a couple of agents through interviews before making your choice.

For sellers: Do you want to hire a real estate expert or a hungry agent ready to hustle? AgentStory’s MatchIndex™ will give you insights into an agent’s expertise level so you can find a fantastic agent to help you sell your home.

For agents: Improve your chances of connecting with motivated buyers and sellers who are ready to dive into the homebuying and selling process. AgentStory’s search features make it easier for buyers and sellers to find you online.

The Bottom Line

AgentStory is introducing transparency into the real estate industry by giving buyers and sellers the information they need to confidently choose a superstar real estate agent. Find your real estate agent with us today!  

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