About Our Data

AgentStory’s purpose is to help homeowners and homebuyers of residential properties evaluate agents find the best agent for their next home.

This means that the data we provide relates to the purchase and sale of residential properties in recent history. Knowing what information we do not provide is essential to understanding why AgentStory is so useful to the homebuyer or seller.

What We Don’t Show You

Our data does not include the following categories of information:

Commercial Transactions

This includes office buildings, stores, and apartment complexes larger than five units.

Investor Listings

Companies like Zillow, Offerpad, and Opendoor have designated agents for the properties they buy and sell. These listings will always have a 100% close rate because, unlike an individual seller, companies like Zillow, Offerpad, and Opendoor will sell properties whether they make or lose money. Accordingly, investor listing sales do not necessarily indicate any involvement or acumen from the designated agent.

Builder Properties

While builders list their properties with a licensed agent because that is the only way for them to get their listing syndicated with different listing services, builders don’t actually need to use the agent to sell their homes. Nonetheless, when the builder sells a property, the listing agent gets credit even if they had no significant role in the sale of the property. For this reason, we do not use builder properties as we do not believe a useful representation of an agent’s efforts or results.

Listings 24 Months or Older

We highlight active agents. Due to the rapidly changing housing market, an agent that performed well five years ago may not have adapted to fit the current market. Accordingly, we only show data for listings within the last two years.

Land Listings

Selling a house requires a different skill set than selling land. Agents who focus on residential properties are more confident staging a home, taking pictures, showing a home and guiding a homeowner through the homebuying process.

Rental Listings

Whether the rental is short-term or long-term, an agent that places renters is experienced in an application process that is different from buying and selling transactions.

How Do we Evaluate Agents' Performance?

Below we identify the metrics we use to evaluate agents’ performance. These metrics are based on available data for agents, which we strive to regularly evaluate and update.

Listing Activity

The Listing Activity is the number of sold listings. We believe that agents who have more sold listings have greater experience and knowledge of the market. Homeowners deserve to know how much experience their agent has.

Listing Activity - placeholder

Closing Performance

Closing Performance represents the Close Rate. The Close Rate is the percentage of listings that are actually sold relative to the total number of listings taken

Close Rate = Sold Listings / (Unsold Listing + Sold Listings)

We consider an unsold listing any listing that’s been on the market for more than 30 days. Listings that were taken off before 30 days won’t be considered unsold.

Closing Performance - placeholder

Pricing Precision

The Pricing Precision is the List-to-Sale ratio. The List-to-Sale ratio represents how far on average the agent’s listing price is from the actual sale price. Agents with a higher List-to-Sale ratio are better at figuring out your home’s market value.

If the listing is sold on the final listing with the same agent, we remove the unsolds from the agent’s unsold total and consider it a sold listing with a larger price drop and higher days on the market.

Knowing how to price a home is important! A great agent knows how to price the house right, the first time. That’s why we track the number of days in total the agent has for that particular listing.

Pricing Precision - placeholder

Speed to Sale

Speed to Sale is how many days the home is on the market. This tells us how long on average it takes an agent to sell a home from the time it is listed until it is under contract.

We calculate this number by adding up the days that the home is actually active on the market. That means if the house listing is removed because the homeowner wants to take a break, we do not calculate those days.

Example: When an agent lists a home for 30 days, and then the homeowner decides to take it off for the holidays, we won’t count the time it spends off the market. If the home is relisted by the same agent, we will add the additional days to the original time.

Speed to Sale - placeholder

Our Commitment to Accurate Information

At AgentStory, we stake our reputation on providing accurate information to the consumer. We are regularly reviewing data for accuracy and to keep it up to date.

We may not always be perfect. Maybe the available data regarding an agent isn’t perfect. Maybe we’ve just made a mistake. We provide both agents and consumers the opportunity to keep us honest. If you believe that any information provided by AgentStory is inaccurate or incomplete, please reach out to the AgentStory team: info@agentstory.com. We will review your question or concern in keeping with our commitment to providing the best information available.